Mac DeMarco – “Here Comes The Cowboy” Video

Mac DeMarco – “Here Comes The Cowboy” Video

The laid-back and baffling indie rock star Mac DeMarco has a long history of making weirdly disturbing music videos. Just a few days ago, he came out with his clip for “On The Square,” and it was packed absolutely full of freaky and elaborate vinyl festish masks. Today, DeMarco releases his new album Here Comes The Cowboy. And he’s also come out with a new clip for the loose-amble title track. It is fucked up.

It’s hard to say what, exactly, is so disturbing about the “Here Comes The Cowboy” video. Nothing much happens in director Cole Kush’s animated video. A whole bunch of inhuman creatures surround a smiling alien clown thing, seeing him off as he drifts out to sea while clutching a microphone. It’s not like any of these things eat each other.

But the disturbing part is seeing all these beings holding unnatural, Lynchian grins as the camera pans across them a little too slowly. There’s a floating space-emoji in there. There are two gleaming, chromatic cherub-angel things. There’s a green centaur in a virtual-reality headset. There’s what appears to be the Jim Carrey character from The Mask, but dressed as a park ranger for some reason. It’s a lot to process. Process it below.

In the meantime, Here Comes The Cowboy is out in the world, and you can stream it below.

Here Comes The Cowboy is out now on Mac’s Record Label.

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