The 5 Best Videos Of The Week


The 5 Best Videos Of The Week


The first part of Of Mics And Men, the four-hour Wu-Tang Clan documentary, airs on Showtime this weekend. I am ready. This week’s picks are below.

5. Open Mike Eagle – “Extra Consent” (Feat. Lizzo) (Dir. Lance Bangs)

The silky R&B shirt is where I started chuckling. The horny dancing notary public is where I lost it.

4. Diplo – “So Long” (Feat. Cam) (Dir. Brandon Dermer)

When I was going to Hollertronix club nights in 2003 or 2004, I could’ve probably imagined that Diplo would end up at a country festival, doing shots with Guy Fieri. I could’ve also probably guessed that he’d have a song with Cam; it just would’ve been a different Cam. Anyway, Stagecoach looks fun as hell, and I’m mad at myself for never having been.

3. Mac DeMarco – “On The Square” (Dir. William Sipos & Sean Campos)

It’s nice to see that Clement, Spike’s demon friend from Buffy, is still finding work. Looks like he might’ve had some work done.

2. slowthai – “Nothing Great About Britain” (Dir. The Rest)

I don’t know as much about UK social politics as I probably should, but I know enough to know that the image of a rapper using Excalibur to knight dudes in hoodies is some radical shit.

1. Denzel Curry – “RICKY” (Dir. Twelve’len)

The best rap-video treatment of the underground backyard-fighting scene I’ve seen since Lil Wyte’s “I Sho Will.”

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