Watch Lil Uzi Vert Run Away From Nardwuar Again

Last December, video interviewer and beloved weirdo Nardwuar talked to Lil Uzi Vert, and it did not go well. Uzi wasn’t merely unamused by Nardwuar’s in-depth knowledge of his early career and interests, as some interviewees have been in the past, Uzi was straight-up spooked. Triggered by the mention of Philly DJ Guns Garcia, Uzi said, “He know too much. I can’t do this,” and sprinted away.

Nardwuar tracked him down at Rolling Loud in Miami last weekend. Again, it did not go well. He presented a Lil Uzi air freshener, which Uzi apparently has in his car. Uzi bolted after a few more personal non-questions. This time, Nardwuar ran after Uzi, begging him to say “doot doo” (Nardwuar’s sign-off.) Security guards blocked his pursuit. One guard relented: “C’mon man. Doot doo.” Watch it all unfold below.