The Celebrity Pilots – “We’ve Lost Kasparov”

I’ve really been enjoying The Celebrity Pilots’ album Beneath The Pavement, A Beach this week. Cleveland’s own Chris Sheehan is a virtual one man band, playing nearly all the instruments himself. The result is really great music that fits somewhere in between The New Pornographers and Yo La Tengo. Sheehan’s also played keyboards with Bob Pollard and Guided By Voices guitar player Doug Gillard. Apparently the album’s title is a “reference to the French Situationalist [sic] movement in the late 60s.” Check it out:

The Celebrity Pilots – “We’ve Lost Kasparov” (MP3)

The Celebrity Pilots – “Lemons From Lemonade” (MP3)

You can also stream the entire album here, and read a nonsensical interview with Mr. Sheehan over at Splendid.