Outer Spaces – “Album For Ghosts”

Outer Spaces is the Baltimore-based indie rock project of Cara Beth Satalino. Her upcoming full-length, Gazing Globe, is out this June on Western Vinyl. The album was written while she and her partner and bandmate Chester Gwazda decided to take a break from their long-term relationship, resulting in a record of self-reflective and confessional tunes.

“For this record I was trying to articulate a feeling of disassociation, or something sort of intangible, surreal, and ethereal,” Satalino explains. “I wanted it to be less literal and more of an illustration of a feeling.” Today, Satalino illustrates that feeling via a new single from Gazing Globe.

“Album For Ghosts,” the album’s slow-burn centerpiece, is a soulful reflection on niche music lost to the passage of time. Satalino explains further in a statement:

[It’s about a] period where I was obsessed with finding music from the past that has a cult following now, but never really “caught on” at the time it was released, either because it was ahead of its time or simply because no one had really heard it. I was thinking of the music industry today and how it’s basically flooded with musical content. And how with a changing world (climate change, etc.), we might not be in a position to be searching the archives of Bandcamp for musical relics in 50+ years. In the end it was like “You’re going to do this anyway, despite the outcome.”

Listen to “Album For Ghosts” below.

01 “I See Her Face”
02 “Truck Song”
03 “Gazing Globe”
05 “Album For Ghosts”
06 “TV Screen”
07 “Telling You Things”
08 “I Slowly Close My Eyes”
09 “Paper Flowers”
10 “Teapot #2″

06/08 – Baltimore, MD @ The Crown
06/29 – Baltimore, MD @ Current Gallery
07/11 – Raleigh, NC @ Wicked Witch
07/12 – Atlanta, GA @ 529
07/13 – Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse
07/16 – New Orleans, LA @ Bank Street Bar
07/19 – Austin, TX @ Barracuda
07/23 – Tuscon, AZ @ Wooden Tooth Records

Gazing Globe is out 6/28 via Western Vinyl. Pre-order it here.

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