Justin Bieber Announces New Deodorant

Have you ever wondered what Justin Bieber smells like? Me neither, until this exact moment! This fall, Biebs will share his scent with the world with his new Schmidt’s Naturals deodorant, “Here + Now.” The company recently launched their collaboration with Jane Goodall.

“Here + Now has various meanings, but to me it’s about being present in daily life,” Schmidt’s CEO Michael Cammarata says in a statement. “Schmidt’s started as a name, and it’s become more of a movement. We’ve proved natural does work. We don’t limit availability. We’re able to make natural products accessible. I think the partnership with Justin really shows the brand extends beyond a niche.”

According to Ad Age, Schmidt’s will also release hemp-oil and CBD varieties with more celebrity collaborations. Here’s hoping for a Migos CBD anti-perspirant!