Yumi Zouma – “Bruise”

Yumi Zouma, the gauzy, globe-trotting indie-pop band whose three core members span the US, the UK, and New Zealand, finally concluded their long-running trilogy of EPs last year with the release of the aptly named EP III. And today, they’re back with a standalone single inspired by Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, and the departure of former guitarist Sam Perry. As the band explains:

On EP III, we were literally finishing tracks the day before they had to be turned in and uploaded. This helped us to realise that we could release our next songs in a more direct way, and put “Bruise” out independently. The origins of “Bruise” were steeped in loss, but the track has become a beacon of optimism for us. We started writing the instrumental after our great friend Sam told us he was leaving the band and moving to Serbia. We were all distraught until Josh said, “Cheer me up guys — let’s write a song for Nelly Furtado.” Nelly never replied but we came up with a smash.

“Bruise” was actually written before EP III was finished but deliberately set aside. “When we wrote it, it was way too club to ever be a Yumi Zouma song,” guitar and keyboardist Charlie Ryder tells i-D. “I couldn’t imagine it being on a record with other Yumi Zouma songs.” It still sounds like a Yumi Zouma song, but their pop sensibilities are in clearer focus than ever before. Listen below.

“Bruise” is out now.

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