Oso Oso – “Dig (II)”

Oso Oso – “Dig (II)”

Emo favorites Oso Oso are returning this summer with Basking In The Glow, their first album since signing to Triple Crown last year in the wake of 2016’s hit The Yunahon Mixtape. Along with details on the new album, today we get to hear its lead single.

“Dig (II)” presents a crisp, muscular yet gently sighing version of indie rock. “Yeah, there’s this hole in my soul,” Jade Lilitri sings. “How far do you wanna go?” By the time the track reaches its climax, gorgeous harmonies are crying out, “I’m still reeling from the mess I made!” Forgive me for this, but: If you dig the Sidekicks, you might dig “Dig (II)” too because it’s Oso pretty.

Listen below.

01 “Intro”
02 “The View”
03 “Basking In The Glow”
04 “Dig (II)”
05 “One Sick Plan”
06 “A Morning Song”
07 “Priority Change”
08 “Wake Up Next To God”
09 “Impossible Game”
10 “Charlie”

Basking In The Glow is out 8/16 on Triple Crown. Pre-order it here.

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