Strange Ranger – “Leona”

Strange Ranger were one of the best new bands of 2016, and since, they’ve been indelibly dabbling in old-school Pacific NW indie rock. The Montana-founded, Portland-based group dropped a surprise EP in December called etc. after the release of October’s How It All Went By EP. Their last full-length album was 2017’s Daymoon.

That’s a lot of music, but Strange Ranger are not slowing down. They’ve just announced plans to release a new album called Remembering The Rockets this summer, and today, they’re sharing its lead single.

“Leona” has that ’90s wavering, casual rock feel, as if this might be the soundtrack to that school dance moment in every ’90s movie about teenagers. There’s a tinge of shoegaze, but that comes through mostly vocally as the vocals feel apathetic. As a soft female vocalist backs the lead, following the chorus with a sing-songy “ba-da-da-da.” A distinctly-keyed shimmery synth in the background comes in around halfway through, and as the tune fades out, a droning synth takes over.

Listen to “Leona” below.

01 “Leona”
02 “Sunday:
03 “Ari Song:
04 “athens, ga”
05 “Message To You”
06 “Nothing Else To Think About”
07 “rockets”
08 “Ranch Style Home”
09 “Pete’s Hill”
10 “Beneath The Lights”
11 “Planes In Front Of The Sun”
12 “’02”
13 “Living Free”
14 “Cold Hands Warm Heart”

Remembering The Rockets is out 7/26 on Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.