Mac DeMarco Shows Off His Collection Of Garbage

Mac DeMarco’s fascination with cultural flotsam is well-documented, and it’s what animates things like his creeped-out animated video for “Here Comes The Cowboy.” And when a camera crew comes to his house, he can’t help but show off all the weird shit that he has picked up over the years.

DeMarco recently allowed a cameraman from the French website Konbini into his Los Angeles house, seemingly to give an MTV Cribs-style tour. And DeMarco’s house looks pretty nice! It’s clean, it’s well appointed, and there’s a garage full of instruments and a pool out back. But DeMarco barely shows those things off. Instead, he’s much more excited to let everyone see some of the ridiculous things that he owns. Highlights include a surprising number of fake plastic hamburgers, a broken record player, a sign that says “queen of fart,” a fake cigarette box with a plastic dick that pops out of it, and a toy Jar Jar Binks.

DeMarco’s cat and girlfriend also make cameo appearances, and there’s a bit where DeMarco plays acoustic guitar while wearing a creepy latex dog mask. His parting words: “Now you’ve seen all my garbage. Perhaps you’ve even come to the conclusion that I’m a hoarder. So be it.” The entire video is shot vertically, for some irritating reason. But it remains oddly entertaining in the way that so many other Mac DeMarco-related things are oddly entertaining. Experience it below.

DeMarco’s new album Here Comes The Cowboy is out now on Mac’s Record Label.

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