Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

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#10  Chicanery
Score:36 | May 21st

Cool, this makes me want to die.

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#9  Spikelee3000
Score:37 | May 23rd

You can only drop the bass so many times before someone has to pick it up, pick it up! *And from the ashes of EDM, fourth wave ska was born*

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#8  Tom Frost
Score:39 | May 21st

Can someone show this list to Mark Kozelek, so he can write a nine minute song about the fact that Admiral Fell Promises came in at number 9, but is below Switchfoot. The song should also include every detail of what he ate, saw, and did on the day he was shown the list.

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#7  Yossarian
Score:42 | May 18th

“Love It If We Made It (Legal For Women To Make Their Own Choices About Their Bodies)”

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#6  storkknees
Score:42 | May 21st

I like it when seminal artists try to be as weird as they can while still making catchy pop. This is just 70’s Sicko Mode. 8.5/10

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#5  bakedbeans
Score:42 | May 17th


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#4  raptor jesus
Score:43 | May 17th

Because odds are he will never have another song this big. This is his moment, so he’s gonna riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide til he can’t no more.

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#3  Frankie_teardrop
Score:44 | May 21st

The more I read/hear about Moby, the more I can’t fucking stand him.

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#2  bakedbeans
Score:54 | May 17th

Sometimes, every once in a blue moon, our hell society produces beautiful, glorious things. Behold.

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#1  doboba
Score:55 | May 18th

Whatever you may think about them and their sound, these guys get it and are a much better influence on the younger generation than I had back when Eminem was dominating the charts and the discussions in popular culture.

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#5  Southern Shark
Score:-17 | May 17th

Another pseudo funny crap that is only heard in the U.S.
Here in Nicaragua this guy does not exist.

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Jared Evan
Score:-19 | May 22nd

It’s bad in the warped mind of a leftist psycho to be nationalistic , if the radical left don’t approve of your ideas , they seek to erase your existence.. the left are Orwellian psychopaths , the youth are abandoning the thought police in droves. Moz has his own views , therefore he is dangerous . Bigger fan than ever thanks to the radical leftie thought policec

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#3  misskitten
Score:-23 | May 19th

OH, point also that its silly to be lectured by some pop star who lives the high life too. I’ll take Bono over the 1975 anyday for my on stage sermons.

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#2  misskitten
Score:-28 | May 19th

If you like your faux rock pop stars stale and trying to be on the presumed “right side” of everything, then sure. There nothing dangerous about standing with the majority in a minority. Morrisey, Bowie, Corgan, Trent, Nick Cave…even early 1990s era Bono were all real rock stars who spoke their minds, right or wrong. This chicken little pop star just wants to be coddled and politicaly correct. And those guys all had superior music by far.

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  doc brownout
Score:24 | May 17th

We’re all stars now. In the Pope show!

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