Van Dale – “Numbskull”

Columbus fuzz-pop trio Van Dale have been kicking out classic indie guitar jams for the better part of a decade, and they’re about to serve up some more. Today the group announces their new album The Visitor, out in just a few weeks, and shares its lead single.

The nervy rocker “Numbskull” finds a hard-hitting sweet spot between Weezer and Nirvana, the band bashing away furiously while singer-guitarist Joe Camerlengo launches from his lower register into an aggressive wail. His refrain, “I don’t really think I’ve ever been away,” is joined to an intense rhythm that breaks loose into tension-relieving shouts of “YEAH!” The results are scrappy, dynamic, combustible, and just plain rad.

Here’s drummer Tim Horak with some background on “Numbskull,” sort of:

When I was younger my family took a road trip to South Dakota. We saw Mount Rushmore. We visited Black Hills and Badlands. We toured the Corn Palace and Wall Drug. We even shot over into Wyoming to see Devil’s Tower. But the most vivid memory I have of that entire trip is some kid spitting pool water into my face at the Dakota Cowboy Inn. I didn’t know this kid at all. I’m not sure I even knew there was anyone else in the pool. He just emerged like a dang midwestern submarine, launched a mouthful of chlorine at my head and took off toward the other end of the pool. Truly dazed and confused, I left the pool and told my dad what happened. I don’t remember what he said, but I think we both knew life would never be the same. This song is definitely not about that trip and probably not about that kid, but I’ll remember him forever. Some people are like that. They just won’t leave.

Listen below.

01 “Hard Year”
02 “Numbskull”
03 “Pier Pressure”
04 “Porch”
05 “Mama”
06 “Lower Bowl”
07 “Burnin Up”
08 “Pool Party”
09 “Crystalina”
10 “Visitor”
11 “Have A Nice Life One Day”

07/05 Chicago, IL @ Auxiliary Art Center
07/06 Columbus, OH @ Used Kids

The Visitor is out 7/1 on Keroleen. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Mick Martinez
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