Jesse Malin – “Room 13″ (Prod. Lucinda Williams)

Jesse Malin is releasing a new album, Sunset Kids, in a couple months, and it’s produced by none other than absolute legend Lucinda Williams. The two of them talked about their friendship in a 2017 Rolling Stone feature and teased the idea of collaborating together, and now it’s actually happened. In addition to production duties, Williams co-wrote two songs on the album, one of which is lead single “Room 13,” where she also provides background vocals. Other Sunset Kids collaborators include Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Joseph Arthur.

“From the early frontier days of hardcore in New York to all the punk rock and singer/songwriter touring, it’s all been about survival and reinvention,” Malin said in a press statement. “I wanted to make an open-sounding record with the space to tell these stories. I like to write about characters and people I meet along the way. The dreamers, schemers, hustlers, romantics, lovers, leavers and believers.”

Listen below.

01 “Meet Me At The End Of The World Again”
02 “Room 13″
03 “When You’re Young”
04 “Chemical Heart”
05 “Promises”
06 “Shining Down”
07 “Shane”
08 “Strangers And Thieves”
09 “Revelations”
10 “Gray Skies Look So Blue”
11 “Do You Really Wanna Know”
12 “Friends In Florida”
13 “Dead On”
14 “My Little Life”

Sunset Kids is out 8/30 via Wicked Cool Records/The Orchard/Velvet Elk.