Stream Crudez’ Debut Album Jungle Jeopardy

Punk bands can come from anywhere. We know this. Thanks to a platform like Bandcamp, we can hear the punk bands that come from anywhere. We know this, too. And yet it’s somehow still surprising when a band comes blasting out of someplace that you never would’ve thought to imagine having a punk scene. Case in point: Turkey. Crudez come from Istanbul, and on their Facebook page, they describe themselves as “a raw, primitive and provocative uk82-style punk band.” It’s true: They make simple and rudimentary English-language street-punk, music that makes me wonder if I could still pull liberty spikes off. (Probably not!) And they play it really well.

Crudez only just released their first demo a couple of months ago, but they’ve just now released their full-length debut Jungle Jeopardy, and it rules. It features a cover of “Warsaw,” a song that dates back to the pre-Joy Division band also called Warsaw. And it’s got a whole lot of that Joy Division bleakness, along with a sense of wrath that Joy Division never even attempted. Stream it below.

Jungle Jeopardy is out 6/11 on Byllepest Distro, and you can buy it at Bandcamp.

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