Stream Fuming Mouth’s Debut Album The Grand Descent

If you care about heavy music, then there’s a tour this summer that should probably be on your radar. This August, Harms Way, Jesus Piece, and Portrayal Of Guilt are hitting the road together, spending a couple of weeks traveling through the Midwest and the East Coast. All three of those bands fuse metal and hardcore in fresh, intense ways. And the same is true of their opener, the Massachusetts band Fuming Mouth. Today, Fuming Mouth release their debut LP and confirm themselves to be the type of opener you don’t want to skip.

Fuming Mouth have been releasing music since 2013, but they’re only just now releasing The Grand Descent, their first full-length. The album comes steeped in the death metal of the mid-’90s underground, and it combines those frantic, bloodthirsty sounds with the warlike crunch of prime hardcore. Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, the best heavy-music producer currently working, produced and mixed the album. It is a positively disgusting record, an ugly and cathartic full-length rage-vent. You can and should stream it below.

The Grand Descent is out now on Triple B Records.

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