Zedd Responds To Matthew Koma’s Allegations About Songwriting Credit

Last week, Matthew Koma accused DJ and producer Zedd of ripping him off by taking credit for writing the hit songs “Spectrum” and “Clarity,” both of which were included on Zedd’s 2012 debut album Clarity. Koma says he wrote “every word and melody” on the songs. The EDM world is, I guess, up-in-arms. Zedd sent a quick note shortly after the accusations were levied of the “I am sorry you feel this way” variety, and last night he followed it up with an iPhone notes app screenshot statement of his own.

“I just wanted to let my fans know my side of the story,” he begins. “Nothing will ever change how proud I am of the songs I made with Matt. They will forever be part of our history and even though it’s hard to sit through a personal attack like this, I still love the songs just as much and I still think Matt is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever gotten to work with.”

Zedd goes on to say that he has “given Matt songwriting credit for every top line he has written,” and goes into detail about how he says both “Clarity” and “Spectrum” were constructed. He also addresses Koma calling Zedd “the worst” and that he has other people produce his music as “obviously not true.”

“I surely collaborate with others more than I used to but that’s part of becoming more mature and open minded,” Zedd writes.

Here’s the full statement: