LIFE – “Hollow Thing”

LIFE are a UK-based pop-rock band led by a pair of brothers, with Mez Sanders-Green on lead vocals and Mick Sanders on lead guitar. They are announcing a new album today, called A Picture Of Good Health, that’s expected in September. The band shared its lead single, “Moral Fibre,” back in April along with a video. Now, LIFE are sharing the second single titled “Hollow Thing.”

LIFE presents a edgier, gnarlier version of British pop-rock that, in the age of the 1975, feels purposely against-the-grain. This one isn’t a casual listen, and to truly appreciate “Hollow Thing,” I suggest listening at full volume. There’s a breathy breakdown about a third of the way through that features some hair-raising vocal ad-libs that swirl, panning in different directions. The instrumentation completely stops, and then comes back around full throttle.

Here’s Sanders-Green with more details on the song’s meaning:

“Hollow Thing” is about letting go of something in your life, something that’s dead ‘wait for the past to fade, wait for that hollow thing’ and then no matter how hard it is you can and will move on ‘wade through a sea of beige, choke on great clods of dirt’. “Hollow Thing” is about overcoming isolation and realizing your self worth ‘I look much better than you, I love much deeper too.’

Check out “Hollow Thing,” along with the video for LIFE’s prior single “Moral Fibre,” below.

01 “Good Health”
02 “Moral Fibre”
03 “Bum Hour”
04 “Hollow Thing”
05 “Excites Me”
06 “Never Love Again”
07 “Half Pint Fatherhood”
08 “Grown Up”
09 “Niceties”
10 “Thoughts”
11 “It’s A Con”
12 “Don’t Give Up Yet
13 “New Rose in Love”

A Picture Of Good Health is out 9/20 via Afghan Moon and [PIAS]. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Matt Mollson
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