Burial – “State Forest”

Burial – “State Forest”

As far as producers and beatmakers go, Burial is about as elusive as they come. Also known as William Emmanuel Bevan, Burial’s last album, Untrue, was released over a decade ago, and until recently he hadn’t shared any new solo music since “Pre Dawn” and “Indoors” two years ago. There have been a few collaborative works with Bug, and he teamed with Kode9 for a DJ mix, but mostly Burial has been keeping his usual low profile.

That changed briefly last month with the debut of “Claustro,” an A-side of a new 12″ single. That song found Burial pulling inspiration and sonic signatures from many different realms, with hints of underground garage, hardcore, and R&B all working to create something atmospherically unsettling. Today, with the release of the new single, we get to hear its B-side, “State Forest.”

Listen below.

The “Claustro” b/w “State Forest” 12″ single is out now on Hyperdub. Get it at Bandcamp.

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