Stream Dropdead’s Demo 2019

Stream Dropdead’s Demo 2019

The Providence band Dropdead have been cranking out short, furious, discordant bursts of hardcore since 1991 — their sound edging into power violence and grindcore while still keeping a linear sort of intensity. They don’t record albums often. In fact, they only have two full-lengths, the most recent of which, 1998’s Untitled, is now more than 20 years old. This summer, the band is supposed to be working on a new album, reportedly with the great heavy-music producer (and Converge guitarist) Kurt Ballou. But for unforeseen reasons, they’re letting us hear a bunch of new songs early.

As Brooklyn Vegan points out, Dropdead recently had their van stolen while they were in Montreal to play the Earslaughter Fest earlier this month. The theft wasn’t covered by insurance. And because the band members were uncomfortable with the idea of a GoFundMe, they’ve decided to post a bunch of demos on Bandcamp to raise money to overcome the whole stolen-van thing. The new songs are absolutely brutal, and you can hear them below.

On their Bandcamp page, Dropdead write:

These 10 songs were not intended to be released, these are from a working demo of 28 songs we recorded this spring. Recorded as a listening tool for us to fine tune songs for a forthcoming LP that is soon to be recorded. These may not be the future titles, or finished lyrics, but for now this is where we’re at.

We are releasing these ten songs to raise some funds towards replacing our van that was stolen in June.

A lot of people asked how they could help out, and this is one of two things people can do that will help us out greatly.

You can also go to and buy some merch from the Dropdead merch store.

We appreciate any and all support!

You can buy Demo 2019 at Bandcamp.

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