Bring Me The Horizon – “Drone Bomb Me” (ANOHNI Cover)

We at Stereogum have blissfully ignored the UK band Bring Me The Horizon for many years. There is a reason for this. Bring Me The Horizon have grown extremely popular by making a cleaned-up, mall-ready form of metalcore that has not been particularly interesting to those of us who write for the site. Other than a few stray bits — brief and baffling feuds with Coldplay and Bad Religion, a Week In Pop column about the mainstream potential of circa-2016 hard rock — their name has largely been absent from this site. But right now, Bring Me The Horizon seem to be on a mission to force us to pay attention.

Earlier this year, Bring Me The Horizon released a new album, Amo, that flirted with synthpop and EDM sounds. That album included a collaboration with Grimes. And now Bring Me The Horizon are out here covering “Drone Bomb Me,” the 2016 ANOHNI track that was sung from the perspective of a kid whose family has been killed in a drone strike. OK! You have our attention!

Bring Me The Horizon’s “Drone Bomb Me” cover, as Brooklyn Vegan points out, is part of the band’s new Spotify Singles session. It’s a live-in-studio recording, and it arrives alongside a similar version of Bring Me The Horizon’s Amo track “mother tongue.” The “Drone Bomb Me” cover is a relatively restrained, skittering take on the song, and it’s full of dance-music touches. Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes can’t hope to compete with the feverish, expressive vocals from ANOHNI’s original, but maybe he gets points for trying? This is weird! Listen to Bring Me The Horizon’s Spotify Single below.

Amo is out now on Sony/RCA.