Watch Nicki Minaj Take Jimmy Fallon’s Ass To Red Lobster

Last week, Seth Meyers had a bit on his Late Night show where he and Rihanna got drunk together. It was great! Absolutely charming! Just two fun famous people being fun together! This week, in what might’ve been an attempt to recapture that Seth/Rihanna magic, Meyers’ NBC colleague, the professional enthusiast Jimmy Fallon, tried something similar with Nicki Minaj. There were two problems with this whole setup. One was that Jimmy Fallon is not Seth Meyers, and the other was that Nicki Minaj is not Rihanna.

The big idea behind this one: Fallon and Nicki went to the Times Square Red Lobster together. Fallon had never been to Red Lobster, and Nicki had a history with the seafood chain: “I have worked at a couple of different Red Lobsters, and I’ve gotten fired from all three or four of them.” This allowed Nicki to explain the restaurant’s menu to Fallon. (On Cheddar Bay Biscuits: “This is handmade by a bunch of African people in the back.”) And it also allowed for some labored comedy bits, like one where Nicki and Fallon wore Red Lobster uniforms and served meals to unsuspecting randoms.

Nicki just released her new single “Megatron,” and she also did the usual Fallon-interview thing, declining to specify the title of the new album she’s apparently got coming out. And Nicki also participated in the Tonight Show’s Wheel Of Freestyle bit, working the words “hexagon,” “yeti,” and “edible arrangement” into a verse that was definitely not prewritten and/or worked out with the show’s writers. Watch all those videos below.

“Megatron” is out now on the streaming services, and I guess there’s a new album in the works.