Lizzo Says Racist Festival Security Attacked Her Team, Summerfest Investigating

Last night, Lizzo headlined a show at Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, part of the city’s annual Summerfest. After the show, Lizzo tweeted that a venue security guard had “slapped and manhandled” her stylist and her hairstylist. “I’m out for blood,” Lizzo wrote.

In a since-deleted tweet, Lizzo also posted a video of the security guard who she says attacked her team, as USA Today reports. She wrote, “They’re keeping me from going over there and having my way with him, but I’m filming this right now just in case I need some evidence and just in case I need to put this on the internet. He needs to be in handcuffs… This racist bigot put his hands on my people and used hurtful language while tackling and dragging my team off the festival grounds.” She also claims that she asked the guard’s name but that he didn’t respond.

In a public statement posted on Twitter, Summerfest organizers said that they would “conduct a thorough investigation” and that they “do not tolerate racism in any form.”

After the Summerfest organizers made their statement, Lizzo tweeted her thanks and asked anyone who had footage of the incident to come forward.

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