Win Butler Announces Canadian Citizenship In Canadian Tuxedo

Arcade Fire co-leader Win Butler is a native Texan, but he’s been living in Canada ever since he started going to school at Montreal’s McGill University in 2000. In 2003, he married his Arcade Fire bandmate Régine Chassagne. But you don’t automatically get Canadian citizenship when you marry a Canadian. There’s a whole process, and now Butler has completed the process. He now has dual Canadian and American citizenship.

Butler announced his new two-passport status on Instagram last night, sharing a picture of himself rocking the traditional all-denim Canadian tuxedo (and the not-particularly-Canadian Undertaker-ass hat he’s been wearing everywhere lately). He also posted a video of Citizenship Minister Ahmed Hussen making a speech about the “extraordinary contributions” that Arcade Fire have made to various charitable causes over the years. (It’s almost inaudible, but it’s there.) On Instagram, Butler wrote, “Very Honored to finally be a Canadian Citizen 🇨🇦 I’ve lived in Montreal for half my life, so it feels very natural to have both passports now ! Had to wear the Canadian Tuxedo, and yes Mounties are real.”

According to Global News, Butler applied for Canadian citizenship more than a year ago. One of the requirements for citizenship is that the applicant has to be “in the country for at least 1,095 days within five years.” Butler fell short of that requirement, partly because of those humanitarian causes, but I guess they figured it out.

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