Jay Som – “Tenderness” Video

Jay Som – “Tenderness” Video

Jay Som is following up her excellent 2017 debut, Everybody Works, with a new album called Anak Ko next month. We’ve heard “Superbike” from it so far and today Melina Duterte is sharing her album’s second single, “Tenderness.”

“[The song]’s definitely about scrolling on your phone and seeing a person and it just haunts you, you can’t escape it,” Duterte said in a press release. “I have a weird relationship to social media and how people perceive me—as this person that has a platform, as a solo artist, and this marginalized person. That was really getting to me. I wanted to express those emotions, but I felt stifled. I feel like a lot of the themes of the songs stemmed from bottled up emotions, frustration with yourself, and acceptance.”

“Tenderness” is a lightly pulsating haze, Duterte’s voice smooth over tendrils of guitar. “I’m feeling like I’ve just begun/ Nothing’s ever good enough/ Tenderness is all I’ve got,” she sings on it. The track comes with a video directed by Weird Life.

Watch and listen below.

Anak Ko is out 8/23 on Polyvinyl (North America), Pod/Inertia Music (Australia/New Zealand/Asia), and Lucky Number (rest of world). Pre-order it here.

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