Ed Sheeran – “Antisocial” (Feat. Travis Scott) Video

Ed Sheeran – “Antisocial” (Feat. Travis Scott) Video

A few months ago, Ed Sheeran announced the impending release of No.6 Collaborations Project, his all-collabs album. In the lead-up, he’s teamed up with some big names on new songs — Justin Bieber on “I Don’t Care,” Chance The Rapper and PnB Rock on “Cross Me,” Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton on “BLOW.” Today, Sheeran releases the album, which means we also get to hear what happens when he teams up with people like 50 Cent and Meek Mill and Skrillex. And Sheeran has also teamed up with his fellow collab-happy pop polymath Travis Scott in a new video for their track “Antisocial.”

The “Antisocial” video comes from veteran music-video auteur Dave Meyers, and it amounts to a live-action-plus-CGI cartoon. Heads explode, bees sting eyeballs, and a Sheeran tries on an impressive array of wigs. The video is full of references to movies — The Martian, Edward Scissorhands, Snatch, maybe The Birds, probably at least a few other things I don’t recognize. And throughout, it does the same live-action Looney Tunes thing that movies like The Mask and Kung-Fu Hustle have done in the past. Check it out:

If you like, you can also stream the new Sheeran album, which sounds, on first listen, like an extremely competent and more-interesting-on-paper piece of popcraft.

And Sheeran also recently sat down with Charlamagne for an hour-long video interview about the new project. Here’s that video:

No.6 Collaborations Project is out now on Warner Music, and there are a bunch of pop-ups today.

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