Ecstatic Vision – “Grasping The Void”

The last time we got original music from Philadelphia psych quartet Ecstatic Vision was in 2017 via sophomore effort, Raw Rock Fury. It was even better than their hallucinogenic 2015 debut, Sonic Praise, and last year, they released Under The Influence, which was a collection of cherry-picked covers that influenced the band’s sound. Now, Ecstatic Vision are back and ready to announce their latest work: a new album called FOR THE MASSES. The announcement comes along with rip-roaring single, “Grasping The Void.”

The combination of punky, thrusting drum line with an over-driven, fuzzed out guitar seems perfectly placed — that is until a bucolic flute seems to drift in. It feels like it might have popped into your headspace accidentally, like a distraction. As soon as you give into thinking about the airiness of the flute, the grumbling vocals pull you right back into the center of chaos. A more melodic, cleaner-sounding guitar comes in a little after the middle of the track, adding some layers. It’s only when all of these conflicting elements are heard together that the sheer density of sound is revealed.

Check out “Grasping The Void” below.


01 “Sage Wisdom”
02 “Shut Up and Drive”
03 “Yuppie Sacrifice”
04 “Like a Freak”
05 “For the Masses”
06 “The Magic Touch”
07 “Grasping the Void”

FOR THE MASSES is out 9/20 on Relapse Records. Pre-order it here.