Watch Offset & Cardi B’s Ridiculous ‘Kimmel’ Performance

Once you’ve reached a certain level of fame, apparently you can’t just perform on a late-night show. Instead, you have to make an event out of it. So it was last night for Migos member Offset and for Cardi B, his wife. Together, the two of them performed “Clout,” a collab from Offset’s album Father Of 4, on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. But they didn’t just do the song on the Kimmel show’s outdoor festival stage, though that’s where they ended up. Instead, they made a whole production of the song, making it into a sort of live music video.

For most of last night’s performance, Offset and Cardi did the song while walking down Hollywood Boulevard, with a huge crowd behind them. (There’s a whole lot of camera-blurring, presumably so Kimmel wouldn’t broadcast the face of anyone who hadn’t signed a release.) As they go, a horde of extras, playing the parts of starstruck onlookers, pop up for little choreographed bits. The Elvis impersonator is my favorite.

The whole point of the performance, I guess, was that people always want to take selfies with Offset and Cardi B. Must be tough! All those extras’ Twitter handles pop up onscreen during the show. Maybe those are all real Twitters! You can check if you want! I’m not going to!

Cardi and Offset also did one a “New Lyrics For Old People” sketch, a regular Kimmel bit where the host stiffly explains what rap lyrics mean. It’s exactly as funny as you’re expecting, but Cardi gets a lot of chances to be funny. The performance and the sketch are both below.

Father Of 4 is out now on Quality Control/Motown/Capitol.