Cornelius – “Sauna Sukisugi”

Japanese experimentalist Keigo Oyamada, aka Cornelius, has composed theme music for a couple of shows pretty recently. The first was a song called “Polly Jean” for an anime called Carole & Tuesday. The new composition, which Oyamada is sharing today, is for a live-action Japanese show called Sa-Do (Way Of The Sauna), which is based on a manga by Katsuki Tanaka about the joys of frequenting saunas.

The theme music is called “Sauna Sukisugi,” which translates to “Love Saunas So Much.” It features original lyrics from Tanaka. In a statement to Billboard, Oyamada says that, in the song, he “tried to express the rapturous sensation of saunas.” See if that sensation translates and listen below.

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