Florist – “M” Video

In the time since the release Florist’s 2017 album If Blue Could Be Happiness, songwriter Emily Sprague has released two really good ambient albums, and she’s had one of her songs included in Beyoncé’s Homecoming concert film. Under the Florist moniker, Sprague is gearing up to release yet another really good album. In fact, the genre-elusive, placidly personal Emily Alone is our current Album Of The Week. And today, Florist is out with a fourth song from that record called “M,” and she’s also sharing a video.

We’ve already heard “Shadow Bloom,” along with “Time Is A Dark Feeling” and “Celebration” from the album. While those tracks feel pensively still, this one utilizes a full-bodied piano arpeggio to really hone in that sense of reflection. This ballad splays the emotions out quite concisely, as Sprague shakily delivers, “World’s made me more mean/ The glow keeps me company.”

Directed by V Haddad, the video features two previously unreleased ambient tracks composed by Sprague. One of them features a vocal sample of an old recording she made years ago of her mom singing. The visual shows Sprague carrying an orb through a gorgeous mountain terrain. It’s sentimental, warm, and sweet.

Check out the video for “M” below.

Emily Alone is out 7/26 on Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.