Part Time – “Lies In The Eyes Of Love”

David Loca is back today with his latest song as Part Time. The 2011-vintage Band To Watch has spent the decade making off-kilter, ’80s-indebted, holographic lo-fi nuggets that share a wheelhouse with frequent collaborator Ariel Pink. Speaking of which, we last checked in on Part Time when he and Pink teamed up for “I Can Treat You Better” last year.

His latest offering is “Lies In The Eyes Of Love,” a synth-powered new wave hallucination that will hit the spot if you’ve ever had a taste for Loca’s music. There’s some nice saxophone at the end, but most of the appeal lies in the hypnotic synth ripple that courses through the entirely of the song. On SoundCloud, “Lies In The Eyes Of Love” has Ariel Pink and Tyler, The Creator tags, but I have no idea if either of those guys was involved with the track. I can confirm it’s a nice little track either way.

Listen below.

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