Chairlift Help Nano Go Chromatic

Williasmburg-via-Boulder, CO electro-pop trio Chairlift have a very good debut album, out now digitally and physically this fall via Kanine. I spun its standouts nonstop for a few weeks over the summer, enough to line ‘em up for a BTW … but then a ton of festivals happened, I moved apartments, and living out of boxes and suitcases can be pretty distracting. But travel and unpacking are a great time for unadulterated listening, so that’s what I did, focusing on Chairlift’s oughta-be singles: the icy funk, dreamy synths, and Asian strains of “Planet Health,” the Knife-inspired bounce of “Evident Utensil,” and the drum machine bubblegum of “Bruises.” Anyway I got to feeling bad we never did the BTW, but Apple’s just ensured Chairlift definitely does not need our help, putting “Bruises” in service of pushing their new line of Nanos. Check it:

Their stuff can be pretty infectious. Here’s “Planet Health.”

And take the Karin Dreijer Andersson-y “Evident Utensil” for later:

Chairlift – “Evident Utensil” (MP3)

Unfortunately I can’t find a full listen of “Bruises” (the song from the ad) online, but you can hear some more (check out “Earwig Town”) at MySpace.

Does You Inspire You is out physically 10/28 via Kanine.

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