Red Hearse – “Everybody Wants You”

By now you may have heard that Red Hearse is a new trio matching successful pop producer Jack Antonoff, successful rap producer Sounwave, and hip-hop singer-songwriter Sam Dew. After announcing their existence with a pair of singles, they recruited mutual collaborator St. Vincent to star in a video for a third song. And today we get a fourth, along with news that the album is out in two weeks.

Although Dew is on lead vocals as usual, “Everybody Wants You” reminds me of Antonoff’s work with one Taylor Swift — spare and emotive and synthesized — but when the beat finally drops near the end I start to hear echoes of Miguel. “Hey babe, seems like every time I’m close you turn away,” Dew begins, launching into a soulful performance that’s also giving me some John Legend vibes. “Baby, what’s the use?” he concludes. “Everybody wants you.” Lots of harmonized background vocals are in there, too, but it never feels maximalist or in-your-face. It’s stylish and pretty and the best thing they’ve shared so far.

Listen below.

Red Hearse’s album is out 8/16 on RCA.

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