Help – “Class War Now”

Help are a politically charged noise-punk band from Portland hawking intense screeds in continuum with the likes of Hot Snakes, McLusky, and Metz. Their motto: “Remove fear from decision making. Act in defiant joy. Refuse to dominate others. Do not hoard the gifts of the universe. The future is uncertain. Ends don’t justify means. Solidarity now. Class war now.”

Having already shared half the songs on their six-track debut EP, today Help release a fourth, the blunt and merciless “Class War Now.” The title is somewhat self-explanatory, but drummer Bim Ditson offered some context anyway: “If Ram Dass says: Be Here Now, I say Class War Now. Because ‘here’ is becoming more
and more unlivable with every millionaire, much less billionaire… Meditation is cool though, actually.”

“Class War Now” is a brutal, bass-powered rallying cry from a runaway train, with squalls of feedback and blasts of guitar that really do make it sound like a war zone. One key lyric: “So you wanna be a patriot? Yeah yeah yeah yeah! Throw your fists in the air in the corner and scream, ‘Class war now!'” Their anger is persuasive.

Listen below.

08/24 – Seattle, WA @ High Dive w/ Wild Powers (EP release show)
08/25 – Portland, OR @ Rontoms w/ Wild Powers (EP release show)

Help is out 8/25. Pre-order it here.

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