Maria Usbeck – “Obscuro Obituario”

Ecuador-born, NYC-based Maria Usbeck is gearing up to follow up her 2016 debut Amparo with a bilingual and conceptual record titled Envejeciendo (Spanish for “aging”). It drops next week via Cascine, and we’ve already heard a couple tracks, “Amor Anciano” and “Nostalgia,” both of which felt like futuristic dream-pop with a retro filter. Today, she’s shared another track titled “Obscuro Obituario.”

Much like the first few singles, this new song has tropical pop overtones, but relies less on synths for the overall drive. A heavy machine kick drum with accenting snare and cymbal does much of the grounding work, while an electrified riff alleviates some of the dissonance. Her voice feels like it’s swimming in the space between the down beats due to the heavy reverb, and this feeling is only maxed out in the chorus when additional vocal layers are added. Despite the heavier percussion, this track feels adrift and intentionally slinky through the air. It’s quite a listen.

At Highsnobriety, Usbeck explains, “I’ve always wondered if the fear of death increases as you get older and as you start discovering illnesses. ‘Obscuro’ touches upon this fear and the idea of someone watching over you from the afterlife.”

Listen below.

Envejeciendo is out 8/16 via Cascine. Pre-order it here.

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