Jack White & Jack Black Tease The Long-Awaited Collab “Jack Gray”

Jack White & Jack Black Tease The Long-Awaited Collab “Jack Gray”

People have been making jokes about the cosmic link between theatrical-weirdo guitar heroes Jack White and Jack Black since 2001, the year that both White and Black became famous-ish. Later in the ’00s, when the two of them became absolutely no-shit famous, those jokes only increased. And now, 18 years after we, the idiots of the world, first posited the idea that they should record a song together, Jack White and Jack Black have recorded a song together.

Jack Black’s band Tenacious D have visited Jack White’s Third Man headquarters in Nashville, and the two entities have come together to rock. We don’t yet know how the song sounds, but, I mean, we have a pretty good idea, let’s be honest. Black is keeping a YouTube video diary of Tenacious D’s current tour, and so there’s a lot of stuff about dropping in on Third Man. There is not, however, any footage of White and Black actually playing music together.

Speaking to the camera in the 18-minute video, Black claims that the song is both “the kickin’ chicken” and “a stone-cold jam.” But there’s a lot of White showing Black around Third Man, and there’s a lot of Black enthusing about what he’s just seen. We get the Tenacious D guys singing “Seven Nation Army” together a cappella. And we have Jack White on Tenacious D: “I didn’t realize, but they’re actually not very nice guys. They’re actually really mean.” Here’s the extremely long video:

Presumably, we’ll get the new single — which I guess really is called “Jack Gray” — sometime soon.

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