PAT – “We Are In Hell When We Hurt Each Other” (Feat. Patrick Belaga)

PAT is a new collaboration between visual artist Jacolby Satterwhite and musician Nick Weiss. Satterwhite is a contemporary artist whose multi-medium work extends itself to video, performance, 3D animation, fibers, drawing, and printmaking. He’s most well known for directing Solange’s film When I Get Home. Weiss is a producer and one half of Teengirl Fantasy.

Together as PAT, the pair are gearing up to release an album called Love Will Find A Way Home this fall. The LP features appearances from Kindness, Lafawndah, Alissa Brianna, Cedric Antonio, and multiple appearances by Patrick Belaga. Today, they’re sharing lead single “We Are In Hell When We Hurt Each Other,” one of the Belaga collabs. PAT take their name from Satterwhite’s mother Patricia, who was schizophrenic and sadly passed away in 2016. She left behind hundreds of a cappella recordings on cassette tapes, and this song incorporates some of those recordings.

The track initially feels lo-fi with the grunginess of the tape recording coming through quite prominently. Satterwhite and Weiss then build out the emotional aspect by subtly adding electric strings, and the song climaxes by erupting into full chord synths and a drum machine. Considering its sentimentality, there’s an undeniably fun quality to the middle section before the recordings come back into focus.

Listen to “We Are In Hell When We Hurt Each Other” below.

01 “Moments Of Silence”
02 “We Are In Hell When We Hurt Each Other” (Feat. Patrick Belaga)
03 “Birds in Paradise” (Feat. Patrick Belaga)
04 “Born 2 Be Free”
05 “Spirits Roaming on the Earth”
06 “Model It” (Feat. David Casavant & Patrick Belaga)
07 “Heart and Mind Connections” (Feat. Lafawndah)
08 “Rain Vs Sunshine” (ft. Alissa Brianna & Patrick Belaga)
09 “Blessed Ave” (Feat. Brody Blomqvist)
10 “Second Time Around” (Feat. Kindness, Alissa Brianna, & Cedric Antonio)
11 “Because Love Came” (Feat. Patrick Belaga)
12 “Love Will Find A Way Home”
13 “You’re At Home”
14 “I Will Never Go Back”

Love Will Find A Way Home is out 10/25 on Pioneer Works Press. Pre-order it here.