River Tiber – “Nevada”

Aside from working with producer Frank Dukes on tracks for the likes of Daniel Caesar, Travis Scott, SZA, and Mac Miller, Tommy Paxton-Beesley has been mostly silent on the solo front lately. Under his better-known moniker of River Tiber, he dropped a single called “Taurus” back in May. However, the Toronto producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist has yet to share news about a follow up to his most recent album, 2016’s Indigo. But we may be inching closer towards an announcement, as he is self-releasing another new track today called “Nevada.”

Nearly all instrumentation for this track, including piano, vibraphone, drums, conga, tambourine, violin, and cello, is played by River Tiber himself. Dan Only adds synth, guitar, and noise to the spacious song, resulting in a jazzy slow-burner. Paxton-Beesley’s vocals take on an R&B intonation, which sends the vibe sky high with the addition of lighter harmonies in the chorus. While sifting through the waves of noise and drums, a clear feeling of wonder is evoked.

Here’s what River Tiber had to say about “Nevada” in a press release:

This song is about embracing the unknown, leaning into the feeling of being lost, finding love in the most unlikely of places. Ultimately it’s about accepting the present. I’ve been listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye like always, and he made some of the most graceful music ever — one of my biggest inspirations.

Check out “Nevada” below.

River Tiber’s second album is expected later this year.

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