New Tah-Dahs – “Mix Tape = Love”

“The song doesn’t fit but I want to use it.” I think just about everyone who reads this site can sympathize with that line from The Tah-Dahs “Mix Tape = Love”. They’re kind of too cute to live- “I’d want to move to Rome and wouldn’t that be Romeantic [sic]” is a line in the first track- but this, here, is for anyone that likes their guitar pop self-consciously fun. Or ironic couples that “loke” each other.

The Tah-Dahs – “Mix Tape = Love” (MP3 link removed)

“I hope there’s not a song that some boy put on the last/or a turgid folk number that you fast forward past…”: what’re the most-used snob-in-love tracks? YLT’s “Autumn Sweater” and Buzzcocks’ “Why Can’t I Touch It”?