Death Cab For Cutie – “To The Ground”

Next month, longtime Pacific Northwest indie rock giants Death Cab For Cutie will follow up their 2018 album Thank You For Today — and frontman Ben Gibbard’s incongruous appearance on Chance The Rapper’s The Big Day — with a new extended-play record called The Blue EP. A few weeks ago, we heard the elegiac “Kids In ’99,” the EP’s first single. And today, Death Cab have shared “To The Ground,” another new one.

On “To The Ground,” Death Cab lock back into arena-rock mode — a style that they don’t really use too often, but one that’s been in their arsenal for years now. It’s still weird, hearing these guys who were making the most spindly music imaginable once upon a time, suddenly dropping these huge echoing drum-thwacks and hitting U2-style ringing-guitar crescendos. But still, it’s not like they’re bad at it. They are, as it happens, pretty good at this particular idiom.

“To The Ground,” like “Kids In ’99” before it, lyrically addresses the aftermath of a tragedy. In this case, it’s a car crash, and Gibbard is meditating on the circle-of-life stuff that happens when a natural environment grows around the husk of a crashed car. Check the song out below.

The Blue EP is out 9/6, and you can pre-order it here.