Stream Regional Justice Center’s Institution EP

Ian Shelton formed the LA power-violence collective Regional Justice Center after his younger brother, the 18-year-old Max, was given a years-long prison sentence for assault. Regional Justice Center make unhinged, ferocious hardcore music, and it’s all done from a specific political perspective. Shelton sings — or, I guess, bellows, about the way the system can chew up and destroy people from a young age. Last year, Regional Justice Center released their debut album World Of Inconvenience, and it was specifically inspired by Max’s incarceration. Today, they follow it up with the new EP Institution.

Institution has five songs, and the whole thing barely lasts six minutes. It’s a roiling, seething, spitting animal of a record. But it sounds titanic; the ace producer Will Killingsworth mixed and mastered it, and you can tell. It’s sharp, bracing, urgent music, and you can hear it below.

The Institution EP is out now on Triple B Records.