Two Dozen Injured In Barrier Collapse At Bumbershoot

A stage barricade collapsed at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival last night, leading to four hospitalizations and several other people injured. KIMA CBS Yakima reports that none of the hospitalized were seriously injured.

“Seattle firefighters and medics rushed to the scene and treated 25 people for mostly minor bumps and bruises, though four of them were eventually taken to Harborview Medical Center for additional treatment.”

Jai Wolf was slated to perform around 10 PM when a 3000-person crowd pressed against the 4-foot-high steel barricade and caused it to collapse. Wolf canceled his set and will be performing tonight instead. “I cut the music because I noticed members of the audience had fallen on top of each other. before we could continue the show, we had to assess any potential injuries,” he wrote on Twitter this morning.

“The festival organizers and I did our best to come up with a solution but unfortunately the police informed us that there was a safety concern playing without the barrier, so we could not continue the set.”

Read Jai Wolf’s full statement and watch news coverage below.