EarthGang – “Ready To Die” Video

The expressive, fast-rapping, hugely promising Atlanta rap duo EarthGang has been on a tear lately; on projects like J. Cole’s Revenge Of The Dreamers III compilation, they’ve had a lot of chances to show out. Recently, the group announced that Mirrorland, their first album for Cole’s Dreamville label, would be coming out next week. We just posted their new single “Up.” And today, they’ve shared a video for “Ready To Die,” a new track that apparently is not on the album.

You probably don’t need me to point out that it takes enormous balls for a rap group to use “Ready To Die” as a title. The song, from producer Christo, is a skittery and melodic showcase, a chance for group members WowGr8 and Johnny Venus to flex philosophical. WowGr8: “My conscious ain’t Kendrick / No shade to that nigga, but where I’m from, ain’t nobody special / Mad city full of bad-ass kids.” Venus: “We shoot the flies off the bullshit.”

The video, from directors Chad Tennies and Mac Grant, is fun and energetic and impeccably composed. In a whirling, hallucinatory series of scenes, WowGr8 and Venus embody characters — aggressors and victims — from movies like Pulp Fiction and The Shining before appearing in less cinematic, more contemporary police-video form in the haunting ending. Watch it below, via 2DopeBoyz.

Mirrorland is out 9/6 on Dreamville.