Sean Henry – “Rain, Rain”

The underrated musician Sean Henry has two longer releases to his name so far — 2015’s demo tape It’s All About Me and his debut album, Fink, from last year — and this fall he’ll release another one, an album called A Jump From The High Dive. The conception of the album coincided with a move from New York back to his home state of Connecticut, and that adolescent inspiration is apparent on its first single “Rain, Rain.”

The song’s central refrain is “Rain, rain, come to me today/ Rain cloud, rain cloud, hoping for a rain cloud.” If the lyrics strike you as a little childish, that’s because they are. “I actually wrote most of this song when I was just a little kid,” Posila explains. “It was my strange, melancholic anthem that I would run around the house singing.” The refrain, originally sang in order to will a storm into existence to avoid having to play baseball, is here repurposed in all of its childhood innocence, back when the only thing one had to worry about was the weather.

Listen below.

01 “Can U”
02 “So Real”
03 “Surf Song”
04 “Rain, Rain”
05 “Touch The Sun”
06 “It’d Never Be Enough”
07 “Space Kicks”
08 “The Cars”
09 “If”
10 “You Fall Away”
11 “Slip”

09/13 New York, NY @ Market Hotel w/ Joy Again
09/26 New Haven, CT @ State House w/ Vundabar, And The Kids, Indigo De Souza
11/01 Middletown, CT @ MAC 650 Gallery w/ Spirit Was
11/02 Portland, ME @ Sun Tiki Studios w/ Spirit Was
11/03 Montreal, QC @ Bistro De Paris w/ Spirit Was
11/04 Toronto, ON @ Baby G w/ Spirit Was
11/05 Windsor, ON @ Meteor w/ Spirit Was
11/06 Kalamazoo, MI @ Shakepeares Lower Level w/ Spirit Was
11/07 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Spirit Was
11/08 Fort Wayne, IA @ Brass Rail w/ Spirit Was
11/10 Pittsburgh, PA @ Funhouse at Mr. Smalls w/ Spirit Was

A Jump From The High Dive is out 11/1 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.

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