Rico Nasty – “Fashion Week”

Rap monster Rico Nasty already made one of the year’s best albums in Anger Management, her brief and jarring full-length team-up with producer Kenny Beats. And ever since then, she’s kept up a relentless schedule, touring hard and also releasing new songs whenever the moment feels right. In recent weeks, she’s given us “Time Flies” and her remix of Pop Smoke’s Brooklyn drill anthem “Welcome To The Party.” Today, she’s got a new single called “Fashion Week.” Guess what it’s about!

“Fashion Week” is a two-minute sketch of a song with production from Jetson, and it’s mostly Rico just happily reeling off all the expensive clothes that she gets to wear now: Christian Dior frames, Goyard bags, that kind of thing. She delivers the song in a carefree singsong, and it’s a stark departure from the more jagged and furious music she’s been making lately.

But Rico has always flexed several different personalities in her music; this is just one we haven’t heard in a while. On its own, “Fashion Week” isn’t much. But it does work as a reminder that Rico should not be pigeonholed, and that she’s just as likely to come out with a glammy and silly pop-rap song as she is to hand out fast-rap eviscerations over bladder-spattering snare-attacks. Listen to “Fashion Week” below.

“Fashion Week” is out on the streaming services now.

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