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Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week’s Shut Up, Dude comes to you from Raleigh, where the entire Stereogum staff was on hand for our free, all-ages Hopscotch Day Show at Kings and Neptune’s. Thanks to Charly Bliss, the Messthetics, Illuminati Hotties, Uniform, Tomberlin, Ric Wilson, David Nance Group, and Infinity Crush for playing on a Thursday afternoon! Dorian didn’t hit us hard yesterday, and hopefully you Alabama commenters also avoided the worst of it. Hopscotch had Sleater-Kinney with Kurt Vile and Snail Mail last night; James Blake, Jenny Lewis, Little Brother, Deerhunter, are still to come. Your best and worst comments from the week are below.


#10  unknown
Score:27 | Sep 3rd

at a wedding this weekend, i heard the most 2019-defining sentence: “Hold my White Claw, I have to go dance to Old Town Road”

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#9  padfoot24
Score:27 | Sep 3rd


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#8  trambopoline
Score:28 | Sep 2nd

fuck yessss FKA twigs produced by Nicolas Jaar??? this is two of my favourite things colliding

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#7  StupidAsshole
Score:29 | Sep 4th

And if anyone is looking for the Standard CD version, just travel to any of your nearest thrift stores.

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#6  Yossarian
Score:33 | Aug 30th

Between this and Lana Del Rey, we’re having a banner day for apocalyptic yoga music.

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#5  gobias somecoffee
Score:33 | Aug 30th

Only once it happens to you do you begin to wonder if some of the lowest rated comments each week are casualties of undetected sarcasm.

Or whether this community is actually just afraid to confront Breihan and his ties to big business?

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#4  byers
Score:40 | Sep 5th

The life of Pablo > The Life Of Pablo

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#3  cokeparty
Score:42 | Sep 4th

Not defending, but it’s more likely than not this guy had no idea what was in the pills he was selling. The world of opioids is just a network of very sick people who are handcuffed to their receptors. I love Mac, but I’m sure he’s want this person to get help. You don’t intentionally kill your rich famous client.

Ire should be directed at the Drug Companies who dumped gasoline on the fire, and a government who refuses to embrace a culture of treatment for sick individuals.

Look, what this person did was wrong and he should have to suffer consequences. But does putting a twenty something junky in jail going to do anything to fix the problem? I bet if Mac had a say he’d want something good to come of all this, not end in the lifelong imprisonment of a sick person.

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#2  inthedeadofknight
Score:46 | Aug 30th

It’s 1 hour and 27 minutes long. I stayed up late last night for one listen, woke up early for work and have gotten two in this morning. Flying to Chicago in a few hours, that’ll give me exactly two more listens. If you line up the amount of listens I’ll have by the end of the day with Saturn’s pattern through this year and multiply it by 13, then divide that number by the 13th number of the Fibonacci sequence, your face will split in half exposing your third eye and your soul will awaken in the 13th dimension as a new and omniscient being capable of traversing all history and space in one instant.

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#1  hyan
Score:75 | Sep 5th

I’ve been an avid reader for the past 10+ years, from a small country with few people who understand what music means to me. I graduated high school, graduated medical school and entered the world of “work” – basically grew up – visiting this site and reading you guys. I post scarcely here, but i just wanted to say, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart. To the writers and also the users. For making me feel part of a community who enjoys music as much as I do (and more).

I don’t know why this post prompt me to write this, but I love all of you.

Have a great thursday!

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#5  Blocparty
Score:-13 | Aug 30th

so stereogum’s favorite albums of 2019 so far seem to be Lana Del Rey’s new record and Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend. Count me so far out of that.

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#4  sandro
Score:-16 | Sep 2nd

Pff, The Cure..First they play 2 hours of experimental funkyshizzle so I’m all mellow from the beer, weed and my feet hurt. Friday I’m in love? I wished it was saturday and I’m in bed.

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#3  gordianusthefinder
Score:-18 | Sep 2nd

anyone else get embarrassed by how much they briefly liked this band cuz like they sorta just cut too deep man.

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Caps Hammer Caps
Score:-19 | Aug 30th

Feels like LDR payola here.

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Score:19 | Aug 30th

I used to work at Pier One and they used this song in their commercials. Consequently, it was also on all of their piped in music. Therefore I heard this song every 3 hours or so for about a year and a half. I hate this song because it makes me think of wicker.

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