Twin Peaks – “Oh Mama” Video

Oh mama! The new Twin Peaks album Lookout Low is imminent, and they’ve just teased it with a video for single #3.

Today’s new track “Oh Mama” follows “Ferry Song” and lead single “Dance Through It,” and like those songs, it finds the former teenage garage band growing older and wiser in their approach to Stones-y rock ‘n’ roll. This one still hits pretty hard though, with a heavy organ-powered groove and some nasty ’60s-inspired guitar work. In a press release Clay Frankel, the Twin Peaks member responsible for the howling at the forefront of “Oh Mama,” says the song is “about the moon and lunacy.”

With that in mind, there’s also a video by Alec Basse and Max Moore that situates Twin Peaks in their native environment — namely, a dark nightclub — but adds some enjoyable costuming. Frankel elaborates, “For the video we made a swamp bar. We hit a few costume shops in Chicago and got some stuff. We made things blue and sometimes gold and we hope you enjoy it.”

Look out below.

Lookout Low is out 9/13 on Grand Jury. Pre-order it here.