Alex Cameron – “Stepdad”

Australian crooner Alex Cameron is in the final stages of his album rollout. We’ve already heard three singles from Miami Memory, including its title track, “Divorce,” and “Far From Born Again.” Each of these tracks seemed to tackle a contentious cultural theme head on, such as sex work, divorce, and relationships, and today’s single is no different.

“Stepdad” comes across a bit more frenzied, but in a good way. Considering that lyrically Cameron is addressing his girlfriend’s kids, the circus-like atmosphere feels perfectly curated. This almost manic sense of joviality felt throughout comes by way of the synth progression, and how it escalates in a tumultuous yet euphoric manner. Aside from that driving force, there’s a gleeful little piano melody on the backend of the chorus that feels like maybe what could have been the original instrumentation if Cameron had never gotten his hands on a synth. It’s kind of silly, and after writing this, I had the phrase “I’m your stepdad!” stuck in my head for no less than two hours. Kind of sad I will never be a stepdad.

According to Cameron, “‘Stepdad’ is an anthem for anybody that’s ever been a stepparent. For anybody that’s welcomed a third parent into their lives. And for anyone who understands romance in the 21st century. The fairytale, like the typical family dynamic, has evolved. Put this song on to remember how it was, and to celebrate why it worked.”

Also of note, Cameron has announced Alcamathon 2.0, a livestreamed telethon of sorts in which he’ll attempt to sell copies of Miami Memory. Last year’s inaugural Alcamathon found Cameron and musical partner Roy Malloy livestreaming “save the music industry and pad our pantry out by selling 1000 records in 24 hours,” a goal they achieved. The second installment will air live from New York this Thursday, the day prior to Miami Memory’s release, from noon to midnight ET on his YouTube channel, MYSHOWBACKTV, as well as his Cameron’s and Rough Trade New York’s Instagram.

In the meantime, listen to “Stepdad” below.

Miami Memory is out 9/13 via Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.

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