Major Lazer – “Que Calor” (Feat. J Balvin & El Alfa) Video

Major Lazer – “Que Calor” (Feat. J Balvin & El Alfa) Video

Despite going through some lineup changes this past summer, Major Lazer are still steadily churning out music. Just a few weeks after Jillionaire left the Diplo-led group, they released “Make It Hot” with Anitta.

Meanwhile, J Balvin also had a pretty crazy summer. On top of serving as the reggaeton representative in the upcoming Trolls World Tour movie, the Colombian superstar teamed up with Bad Bunny for the surprise album OASIS back in June.

Now Major Lazer and J Balvin are teaming up with Dominican rapper El Alfa on a new song called “Que Calor.” An oriental-sounding flute plays an infectious central melody, underscored by a speedy, tinny rhythm section. El Alfa adds some quick-paced verses, as J Balvin takes his time with his. There’s a part of Balvin’s lyrics that make me cackle, which roughly translates to: “That blonde doesn’t understand me if I speak Spanish/ But she learned the song perfectly/ For my country, for my nation/ No discrimination/ Here there is no race or religion/ Dance to it by obligation.” I cannot be the only one who thinks of “Despacito.”

According to a press release, “Que Calor” incorporates elements from both Balvin and El Alfa’s home country, infusing a sample of Toto La Momposina’s traditional Colombian-cumbia song “Curara” with the Dominican dembow rhythms that have become a mainstay of modern pop.

Directed by Collin Tilley, the accompanying video is shot in a dark warehouse, featuring dancers surrounding the rappers. There’s a lot of fire. And as an added bonus, the video also features Diplo in a cow-print getup complete with a printed cowboy hat, presumably an intended crossover with his new country alter ego Thomas Wesley. We stan the yeehaw representation.

Watch the video for “Que Calor” below.

“Que Calor” is out now.

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