New Cat Power – The Greatest

The Greatest finds indie rock’s Joni Mitchell unexpectedly confident while taking a welcome step sideways. Twangy soul is weird territory for the notoriously withdrawn folkie, but Chan Marshall makes it fit. Her acclaimed You Are Free (2003) hardly hinted at this musical maturation, and that makes it all the more intriguing. “Could We,” punctuated by slick Memphis horns, could’ve been a stellar track on Van Morrison’s latest. Chan sounds almost … upbeat. Elsewhere “After It All” melds saloon piano with a ghostly, infectious whistle. “Willie” recalls Aimee Mann until the vocals kick in. As on other Greatest hits, it’s difficult to make out the lyrics. That prompts further listening, which is the greatest part. This is getting pretentious … check out BRUNETTE LINDSAY LOHAN (thanks Golden Fiddle) and two clips from her album.

Cat Power – “Could We” (MP3 Link Removed)

Coincidentally, Guy writes in:

Have you seen the Cingular commercial where Cat Power is covering the Nerves’ “Hanging on the Telephone”? Needless, it’s excellent (and the commercial is too — a boy and girl have a really great first date and… I won’t ruin it for you.) Apparently the song isn’t available for retail or download. Is there some Stereogum magic whereby you would know how to get a copy of said song?

I tried Guy — no luck. Anyone got audio?