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Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we heard an epic new Angel song and a lame new Angels song, plus Charli delivered bops for her Angels. Have a good weekend, friends.



Robert Huff
Score:37 | Sep 10th

“Charli XCX’s next-level Charli”

Guess someone’s getting a PE review this week?

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#9  spoonman
Score:37 | Sep 9th

Wow, the #1 album in the country? Excited to read more about this in this week’s Week in Pop column.

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#7  You Beautiful Blyat
Score:39 | Sep 11th

^^^ BTW when anyone complains about “political correctness,” what they’re complaining about is being unable to pull shit like this without any consequences.

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#6  spoonman
Score:40 | Sep 9th


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#5  kvlt of blake
Score:42 | Sep 6th

Sides are an illusion, open your 4th eye to the sacred geometry:

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#4  dansolo
Score:42 | Sep 11th

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#3  spoonman
Score:43 | Sep 9th

Also this album cover reminds me of that silly cat cake meme lol

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#2  You Beautiful Blyat
Score:46 | Sep 12th

“I’m forever near a Bluetooth speaker saying, ‘What the fuck is this garbage?’ And the answer is always, Post Malone.”

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#1  meowface
Score:54 | Sep 11th

*gay Tyrannosaurus rex futuristic circuit party*

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#5  blochead
Score:-11 | Sep 10th

“The Evil Prince was good but a 45 minute wait is ridiculous. And I’ve had many variations from around the world….green, yellow, Penang. But until today I’ve never heard of Denzel”

2 stars. Wouldn’t go back

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#4  genericpersonidk
Score:-13 | Sep 12th

This is one of the worst bodies of work she’s ever put out. I absolutely cannot believe her label shelved XCX World or whatever for this garbage. The artwork is so uninspired and ugly. The colours are horrendous together. Every song that’s not a hideous mashup of horrid metal sounds labeled as a “party anthem” (who the f*ck is partying to this sh*t? I really wanna know…) doused in autotune is a whiny, boring ballad and that sounds exactly like the other whiny ballads on this mess. This is absolutely abhorrent and by far her worst decision ever. I cannot believe she’s sitting on some great pop tunes and we got this instead. Four years of waiting and this is what we got. I hope the next album she releases is better than this. Although, at the rate she releases it’ll probably be around 6 years before the next one, so…
And the sad part is, people will call this “futuristic” simply because it isn’t tropical house or full-on trap music. It isn’t futuristic, it’s just bad.
Oh well, guess I’ll stan someone else now. This album can go in the bin where it belongs.

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Eggy Chickingboy
Score:-13 | Sep 12th

Wow. Vry impressed. Not one person commented that she’s in her birfday suit. So I will. Hubba hubba!!

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#2  BlissingBjork
Score:-20 | Sep 11th

I would like Howard Stern to die. This man’s career should have ended a long time ago but being the white man that he is he gets away with a lot and this video has been circulating the internet again so I would like to bring attention to it. Scumbag. He’s also been merciless to abuse survivors like Lady Gaga and Kesha.

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Adriano Vaz
Score:-25 | Sep 12th

“It is entirely possible that Banks says some truly problematic stuff on this mixtape, but if she does, I haven’t heard it yet”

Top notch journalism eh Stereogum? Spouting bs without confirmation, not even listening to the whole thing before reporting on it and devoting more of the space to her problematic persona instead to the music itself. fkkn A.

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Score:19 | Sep 10th

oh man, I’m about to become infinitely more condescending towards my other music-loving friends after working through this

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